Monday, February 29, 2016

Snake Handlers and Zone Conference

Dear friends and family,

This week has been super crazy and really short as well! The days keep flying by, but we are still busy everyday! I guess time doesn't really work out in the field! Here is the weekly rundown!

Monday: We were in Huntsville to have P-Day with the zone so we emailed at the college and then went to the Stake center to play some sports! I was pumped to play some gator ball or basketball or something that will get my energy out! Instead we get there and everyone is playing volleyball... Now don't get me wrong volleyball is fun and all, but after having a week of only lifting weights and not running around I was looking forward to a sport that required a lot of running around and such. After the volleyball net and stands were put away, everyone wanted to play soccer! YES!!! Soo we played soccer and my team won 1-0. I took a straight shot at the goal and went through 2 peeoples legs including the goalie and scored. Indoor soccer is fun, but I like playing on a regular field and having lots of room to kick and run around! After that we drove back to Scottsboro and did some tracting.

Tuesday: Tuesday we had Monte Sano comeover for an exchange! So Elder Farrell and I went tracting across the tracks in Scottsboro and knocked on this dudes door. The first thing I said was "Do you love Jesus?!" He was like heck yea I do come on in boys! So we stepped inside and he started talking about snakes and such. Didn't know where this conversion was going until he was said "You boys ever handle snakes?" I was thinking in the past where I would catch snakes with my friends under rocks and such, but never really handling them. This guy told us he goes to church and handles live rattle snakes with their venom in them and all because they are learning how to "tame" the serpent! He said it was to show our faith in our savior because if you have enough faith, the snake wont bite you. Well when the snake bites you, the guy said you pray that God will save you. So basically these people handle snakes, get bit, lay on the couch and pray and either suffer through the venom surging through their veins until the body fights it off, or they die because their body can't handle the venom. Snake handling is illegal in Alabama and I'm pretty sure in the US as well, but Scottsboro was the first place it was introduced into the US! I know where the church is that practices it as well. Won't be visiting there anytime soon!

Wednesday: This day we had a team up with a member to go and find a new member that just moved into the ward. We spent an hour trying to fin this lady and had no success. After looking at the address on the members phone, we finally found the trailer! We walked up to it in the dark because it was late at night (late around here is like 7-8ish) and knocked on the door. Someone yelled to open the door and come in. So I open the door and this pitbull is sitting there and staring at me. I take one step and it rears back, bears its teeth, and starts to bark at me. I wasn't going in that trailer until the dog was somewhere else! the owner got to the door and said "Sorry I should put her away before she bites you for coming in." Yea I was told to come in, and then had a dog there to warmly greet me. One thing about the South, everyone has a dog. Big, small, friendly, vicious, everyone has a dog and they run everywhere! 

Thursday: Thursday we spent the day tracting really. I can't remember much about what happened on that day.

Friday: This was zone conference! We had an awesome training by President Hanks and President Nolan! We played a Preach my Gospel Jeopardy and my team just scored two points and we got a bonus question. The question was what does someone have when they do not have the Holy Ghost confirmed on them. My team didn't know what it was called, but I remember Elder Cannon and I talking about this subject the day before. It is the light of Christ! So we got 3 points instead of two. Go me that was the only point I got for my team haha! 

Saturday: Saturday we spent the day tracting and just talking to people. Nothing really interesting happened!

Sunday: We had church and as always it was good! After church we had lunch with a member and they made the best cornbread ever! Then Elder Cannon and I went tracting and ran into a Church of Christ couple. Basically it went from me reading a scripture in john into a sort of argument about doctrine between all of us. We weren't trying to argue with them, but they kept trying to pull up scriptures to prove we were wrong in our ways. All of the scriptures I could back up, but they refused to accept it. So we ended the conversion on a high note and talked about Jesus. When in doubt, talk about Jesus or say Roll Tide. Either will get you out of any situation!

That was the week! Tomorrow is supposed to be a very stormy day. Sharknado probably will happen haha! Love and miss y'all! If you have time, shoot an email or write a letter!


Elder Muhlestein

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