Monday, February 1, 2016

New Companion!

Dear family and friends,

To start off this email, shout out to Kyleigh Wittwer for entering the MTC in Chile! I got an email from her mom today with all the pictures of her flying from St. George today and I want to congratulate her on a huge milestone that will be forever life changing! 

This week was very interesting. Monday after emailing Elder Park and I went fishing and it was awful! We tried the lake where we usually go, but the shore of the lake was frozen... so no fishing there! We went to a members pond, but our rig we were using was too big for the fish. So we left and bought worms because worms always work! Well as soon as we got back to the pond, we opened the container and the worms were all rotten and shriveled up and we couldn't use them. At his point in time we were just kind of done at that point and returned the worms to the store and went home.

Tuesday we went tracting and had some luck. nothing really interesting happened that day. 

Wednesday we had interviews with President Hanks! So we drove to Huntsville and was in Huntsville for a long time because interviews go on for a very long time! They interview was good! I learned how to become a better missionary and how to have more confidence when doing door approaches. For everyone out there who thinks door approaches are easy, try doing them in the south! almost everyone looks at you, looks at your companion and mid sentence cuts you off and says "not interested I am a Christian and believe in Jesus too bye!" And shuts the door! So they thats always fun!

Thursday we did tracting, and visited referrals we got! There was one referral that we received and this lady wanted a bible from us. Almost all the referrals we get, everyone just wants the free bible and don't want too talk to us. She wanted a bible for her nephew, so we got the address of her nephew and went over to her nephews house! We ended up with two new investigators! It was awesome!

Friday was the interesting day. Elder Park and I were tracting and we knocked on this ladies door. Well this lady opened the door and was behind it. I didn't know why until she said she wasn't dressed! I was wondering why the heck she was even opening the door in the first place if she wasn't even wearing the proper clothing to begin with! So that was super weird! 

Saturday was just a normal day of tracting. We got the call for transfers though. Elder Park is going to the most southern part of the mission which is Greenville Alabama! I am staying in Scottsboro and I will be having Elder Cannon as my new companion! I already know this Elder and he is super awesome! This companionship is gonna be awesome!

Sunday was a normal sunday with church and all! Everyone started to learn that Elder Park was leaving so everyone was sad about that. 

Well that was my week! Wednesday I will be with Elder Cannon and Tuesday night will be a strong storm that could bring a tornado so thats always fun as well! That was just for you mom! If yall are bored, shoot me an email! I miss and love yall and can't wait for what happens this week!


Elder Muhlestein

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