Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear family and friends,

This week was awesome!!! The highlight of it was the snow we got! It wasn't much, but it stuck to the grass and trees and it was awesome! Reminded me a lot of driving through the trees in Redmond when the snow falls in Washington! Everyone here in Alabama does not know how to drive in the snow. I was laughing so hard when everyone was ditching their cars and closing restaurants and such for snow that wasn't even foretasted to stick on the road! As soon as the first little flake fell, everyone freaked out and stayed home and bought bread and milk. Man if they think that was bad, try driving up into the cascades after a huge winter storm! This week was really good though! I already told you about last Monday, but Tuesday was P-Day! After emailing we all went to play this awesome new sport called Gator Ball! It's a mix between soccer, football, and dodge ball! So all these other Elders and Sisters have played this a lot and I have no idea what I am doing. All I know is to hit the chair on the opposite side of the gym. So I get the ball, run and throw it and peg the chair 8/10 times! I thought it was a lot of fun! After that we went back to Monte Sano and then went to Walmart and did some store contacting there! Wednesday was the mission world wide broadcast! So we spent almost the whole day in Huntsville because the broadcast kept freezing on us due to weather issues. After the broadcast we had an exchange and I went with Elder Johnson from Fort Payne around the Scottsboro area and didn't have that much success. Thursday we went tracting and didn't have that much luck all day. Friday we went tracting again and had not that much success. We had a return appointment we went too, but no one was home. As we left the house, it started to snow! Basically that whole night it was snowing and it was awesome! We had dinner with a member that night and he tried to take us out to 3 different locations, but all of them were closed! So we ate at this Chinese place. After the snow and such the next day, we went tracting and found a family of three! It was awkward cause at first we found them in their van and they said come on in and teach us in their car. Kind of sketch, so they took us inside their house instead! We taught them the restoration and they were super into it! Especially the mom! It was awesome to see how much more she got interested the further we went into the lesson! Sunday was good and church was awesome! This email is super short I know, but I keep forgetting my journal at home, so I would be writing more if I had it! But I will put pictures on here for yall!  Hope everyone is safe and having fun! Shoot me an email or letter if your ever bored! I love all y'all!


Elder Muhlestein

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