Monday, January 11, 2016

Surgery Slow Week

Dear family and friends,

Well the title says it all really! It was a slow week due to a surgery! now I didn't break my foot or anything serious like that, but I had a wart removed from my foot. Apparently it was a big one and required getting stitches and pain meds and such! So here is my week! Monday after emailing Elder Park and I attempted to go fishing, but it was so cold! The wind is what killed both of us! Elder Park lasted 30 mins and I lasted 445 mins until we both were like, "yup time to go warm up!" We warmed up and that was basically Monday! Tuesday we did work! We did a lot of tracting and talked with a lot of people and just giving away book of mormons and inviting people to come to church! Wednesday we started off by doing tracting, but we both had to go to the doctors for our "surgeries." Elder Park had some stuff on his arm, so I let him go first. It was so cool to watch him get those things cut off him! the doctor used a tool that looked like a pen, but had a circular blade at the end of it! So the doctor got done with elder Park and went to me. I got shots in my foot and then the doctor cut out the wart! I couldn't feel a thing and it was way weird! After he cut it out, I had to get 7 stitches in my foot. After everything was over, my foot started to hurt, so they prescribed me some pain meds which I would have died if I didn't have them. As soon as I was waiting for my pain meds in line, my foot was on fire and in pain. We went to YM and YW that night and I took my meds which make me really sleepy. So I was walking like I was drunk and people were like "What the heck happened to you?" Some people made fun of me too, but I was too drugged to care and passed out in the primary room. We drove to Monte Sano for the night because we had zone training the next day. I took my pill and fell asleep. Thursday was a painful drugged one. At like 3am my foot decided to hurt like no other and it took an hour for my pills to kick in which sucked. We went to zone training, and I was too drugged to really do anything. One of our zone leaders got up and was like "We are having a white handbook training by Elder Wilson!" Elder Wilson didn;t have the training and he was confused/ freaking out because he didn't have anything. Our zone leader wsa like "Nah just kidding! It's actually by Elder Muhlestein!" I didn't have the training, but my head was down and I was sleepy. So I got up, took my handbook out and yelled, "Okay y'all! Today's training is on the word of wisdom and how to follow it!" Not everyone caught on to it, but people laughed! That whole day I was basically out of it and it wasn't fun. Friday was a little better! I didn't take my meds until night, so we basically were in the car all day contacting referrals and doing a little tracting. By the time it hit dark, I had taken my pills because my foot hurt and I was gone and out! Saturday we helped move a sister into a house! I was supposed to sit there and do nothing, and that didn't happen! I helped move her in and paid for it. After we were done, we visited an investigator and talked with him just about life and how Jesus and the Gospel can make life so much better! After that my foot was raw and hurting, so I took my medication and was gone once again! Sunday was good. Church services were good as usual, but my foot was killing me from the day before! As soon as we got to the apartment, I couldn't take it anymore cause my foot was killing me. I took my pills and slept for about 8 hours that day! I know! I was out and down for the count because at this point, I couldn't walk really because of the pain. After I woke up, I ate a little, took my other pill, and fell back straight into bed! So yep! That was my drugged filled week! how is everyone doing?!? I would love to hear from y'all! I know I say that every week, but I really do want to hear from y'all! I love writing letters and emails to people so don't be shy! Love y'all and miss y'all as well! Stay safe and have an awesome week!


Elder Muhlestein

​The foot after the surgery

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