Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years in the mish!

Dear family and friends,

First off, I hope y'all had a Happy New Years! I had an awesome New Years Eve with my District! So to start off, Monday after emailing Elder Park and I went fishing as usual! The weather however did not like us at all that day! We get out of the car and it is pouring down rain. I had a rain jacket, but the wind started to pick up and blew the rain everywhere! So I basically soaked my jeans from waist down! After fishing we played basketball with some members! I stuffed Elder Park, but he returned the favor a little later in the game... Got to start working on my vertical! Tuesday we spent the day tracting with not that much success. Nobody is home during the day and only at night. And we know what happens when we tract at night... the police usually like to give us a visit haha! Wednesday we did more contacting, but no luck. People just didn't want to hear what we had to say! During the might we had our Book of Mormon class and it was good! Thursday we did more contacting, but ended at 5:30ish because we had our district come over and we weren't allowed to contact past 6 because the crazies of Alabama were gonna be out! So we all went to a members house and had a new years eve party! It was so much fun! We had good food and played board games with the party goers and had an awesome time! All us elders had to leave at 10 because we had to be back in our apartment at 10:30ish. After we got back to the apartment, we pulled out the Poly!! Aka mission lingo for Monopoly! Man that was an intense game! It ended up with Elder Park winning.... I was close, but sadly lost! Then it hit midnight and we went crazy and drank our sparkling grape juice and ghetto kool-aid. Ghetto kool-aid is like kool-aid, but 100X better! Friday we had District meeting, but everyone was dead from the New Years Eve! We had dinner at a members house and then did a little contacting and then crashed hardcore! Saturday we did contacting and had a lot of luck! We got to teach a lady the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which was awesome! She is Southern Baptist, but isn't opposed to taking more discussions and coming to church! It was awesome! Sunday was church and it was good as usual! We didn't have any investigators come, but thats okay! We still got this week to get some to come! How is everyones week going??? I'd love to hear from y'all! Love and miss y'all lots! Stay safe and Roll Tide!


Elder Muhlestein 
 The New Years Eve gang!

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