Monday, March 28, 2016

First week in Booneville

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was kind of stressful, but still a lot of fun! It was stressful because of transfers and such, but life goes on! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: After emailing, Elder Cannon, Larsen, Farrell and I went to the Space and Rocket center! My camera died so I was not able to take pictures.... We saw a replica of the life sized Saturn V and it was awesome! We also rode on a G force ride that made me sick. After that we went back to Scottsboro for dinner with a member! It was awesome! 

Tuesday: This was my last day in Scottsboro. Elder Cannon and I taught our investigator who was very sad to find out I was leaving. I'm pretty sure she has forgotten me by now. Then we went around saying goodbye to people and I had to finish packing. I had dinner with Sister Reyes and Andrea and it was a good dinner! After that we visited one more family and went home for the night.

Wednesday: We woke up and I said bye to Cannon when I left Monte Sano with Elder Larsen. I dropped Larsen off at his new area, and picked up another Elder and we droe down to Bham! At Bham I got to see my trainer Elder Park! It was awesome to see him and some other friends as well! Elder Rogers and I drove to Booneville after that and I unpacked and got to know my new companion, Elder Watts!

Thursday: Elder Watts and I went around Booneville so I could get acquainted with the area! We then had a team up with a member who is so awesome! His name is Brother wood and he is a convert and super strong in the faith! We went around the area visiting less actives and recent converts and it was good! We then played basketball with the youth! I was looking like Kwame Brown out there. For those who don't know Kwame, he is probably the worst NBA plaer ever. It was bad haha! 

Friday: We went around tracting and also going around so I could get used to the area.

Saturday: We helped the church hide eggs for the little kids to find for an Easter egg hunt! It was fun and I got to talk with ward members and such! Still trying to get to know people around here. It was funny because some members think my name is pronounced molestin and for all those people in St. George, the members also think I am jewish.... They think my last name is Jewish... I guess I will forever be Jewish in the eyes of these people.... haha!

Sunday: We sang in the choir and it was good! Church was amazing as usual, but this week was even better because of Easter! After church, we went to a members house and he had a whole farm on his property! He had chickens, guinea fowl, a peacock, and some pigs!!! As soon as I saw the pigs I just pictured my pig Loyd in there squealing at me to feed him. oh good times! We then went to another members house and had Easter dinner. It was good and I got to chat with members and get to know them better! 

That was the week! Today we are going fishing up in Corinth and I am looking forward to catching a big fish! I love y'all and miss everyone! Shoot me an email or send me a letter sometime!


Elder Muhlestein


Monday, March 21, 2016

Transfers yes, or no??

Dear Friends and Family,

Yes! I am being transferred! I mean I could put the new area down right now, but that would ruin my fun! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: After emailing Elder Cannon went to Birmingham for a District Leader training, so I stayed with Monte Sano! We played ultimate Frisbee and then went to a dinner appointment with a member! It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday: I was with Monte Sano for that day since Elder Cannon was in Birmingham for the District Leader meeting! I woke up feeling sick, so after showering and getting ready, I decided I couldn't take the upset stomach. Low and behold I spent 30 minutes in the morning driving the porcelain bus throwing up a little bit. After throwing up I felt much better! We then did some tracting and had little success. We got frozen yogurt from this dude who gives the missionaries free frozen yogurt! After that we did some more tracting and I met up with Elder Cannon and we stayed the night in Monte Sano because he got back kind of late and there was no point in driving home. 

Wednesday: Elder Cannon and I woke up and drove to Scottsboro, got ready, and then taught our investigator! Our investigator was telling us how she was having blood pressure issues and how the devil was attacking her. We had to explain that there was no devil or evil spirits attacking her and that it was for other reasons. She is a hoot sometimes! After teaching her, we did some tracting and then went on splits with some members to visit less actives and investigators!

Thursday: We did tracting and had some success. Nothing to big that happened that day.

Friday: We had District meeting and it was a lot of fun! After District meeting we got some lunch and then Elder Cannon and I did tracting and visited some investigators!

Saturday: This was a day of service for a camp the church ownes thats like 100 miles away on the outskirts of Guntersville. We painted cabins and helped pull little trees out of the ground and throw them into a huge pile! We drove there with a member so on the way home, we stopped off and got bamboo for this members garden.  We had 30, 10ft long poles of bamboo sticking out of this guys truck driving down the freeway! It was funny! Once we got home, we got ready and went to a members house for the last time for me :( Then, the call came.... I will be leaving Scottsboro, and I will be serving in the Booneville Mississippi area! Booneville is an amazing place and I am getting an amazing companion as well! I am so stoked for it!!!!

Sunday: I gave a talk in church and it went very well! It was on faith and how we should always have faith because without faith, we can't believe in anything at all. I took pictures with a family I will miss dearly! Their name is the Sauciers and they have taken care of me for 18 weeks and they are so amazing!

That was the week! I will send out my address on thursday to my new place of living. Hope y'all are staying safe and classy!


Elder Muhlestein

​The Sauciers

Monday, March 14, 2016


Dear family and friends,

This week was super duper long! Maybe it was short for others, but it kept dragging on for me! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: Elder Cannon and I went fishing and I caught a fish! It has been a while since that has happened so that was a lot of fun! Elder Cannon caught a bass like 20 minutes after my catch!

Tuesday: We did tracting Tuesdsay and also taught our investigator! We invited her to come to church and she said she planned on being there! After teaching our investigator, we did more tracting and visited some less active people in the ward! when it gets dark in Scottsboro, we dont knock doors because people get really mad at us.

Wednesday: This was another day of tracting! At night, we went to the church and taught a less active about a part in the book of mormon! He was really interested and liked the discussion we had! We then drove to Monte Sano for the night.

Thursday: We started our day at 4am...... it was super early I know! We had a temple trip and had to be in Birmingham by 8am and it is about a 2 hour drive from Monte Sano and we all take forever in the shower because we all have to look so fresh for the day! We drove to the temple and I got to say hi to some friends which was awesome! Here are some friends from the first night in Alabama! 

After the temple we went to get food and then drove back in a bad rain storm. It was a long day, and got even longer when Monte Sano came over for District meeting the next morning! And I finally have a picture with my companion Elder Cannon! 

Friday: We had District meeting and it was good! After District meeting we did some planning and then tracting. Later that night we had some priests from the Monte Sano ward come up with us on a mini mission! So I took this kid out and showed him the ropes of being a missionary! We met some drunk people and anti mormons and all the fun stuff! We did teach a lesson to a man and it turned out to be a really good lesson!

Saturday: The mini mission people came back and we went to a members house to help move his wife in! That took most of the morning and then we took the mini mission people back to the apartment and then for some tracting! The mini mission people left, and Elder Cannon and I did some tracting and that was pretty much the day!

Sunday: We had our investigator show up for church! She was super nervous, but loved being there! During the sacrament she was telling me how she felt the spirit so strongly and then Elder Cannon gave an amazing talk that almost sent this investigator to bawling her eyes out! After sacrament she had to leave, but kept telling me she wanted to come back next week and felt the spirit here and loved it! It was truly an amazing experience to see and feel that!

That was the week! I hope to hear from y'all soon! Love and miss everyone!


Elder Muhlestein

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zone Training, Jersey and my own steak!

Dear family and friends,

This week was awesome!!! Elder Cannon and I did a lot and we got rewarded for it on Sunday! Here is the week!

Monday: We did some fishing and then emailed and then fished again. Hopefully today will be a better day for fishing because the water is warmer and the water level is higher! 

Tuesday: We did a lot of tracting and didn't have that much success :/ Life of a missionary sometimes!

Wednesday: I had a doctor appointment in Madison Alabama, so we drove most of the day there and then spent the night in Gurley for Zone training the next day!

Thursday: Zone training! It was a good training! I liked it. After it we got some food and then went back to Scottsbroro. 

Friday: We went to Unclaimed baggage and I found a yamamoto Real Madrid Jersey for $13!! So of course I got it because it looks so cool! We also saw the owner of the place there, but we didn't get a chance to talk to him. After that we did tracting and also taught our investigator! She is slowly progressing, but she will make the waters of baptism soon! 

Saturday: We helped clean the church and then did tracting! We spent an hour knocking on doors and had a streak of 11 houses without a single person in them! The next hour passed and then he hit 24-27 people, then the last hour  we only got like 10 people. When the weather is nice, most people are either fishing or somewhere else doing something else!

Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting and it was good! Our investigator was supposed to come, but she backed out at the last minute :( After church we were planning and our mission president called us! He told us he was in the area and wanted to visit us! So he inspected our apartment and it was good! We chatted with his wife and him and then took a picture and they were off! After that we went to a members house and they made us our own steaks! It is my last dinner there with them so they wanted to do something special! This family is so amazing I love them all so much! 

That was the week! Nothing really interesting happened, but hopefully this week something will happen! If you want to, send an email or write a letter I would love to reply back and see how y'all are doing!


Elder Muhlestein