Monday, March 28, 2016

First week in Booneville

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was kind of stressful, but still a lot of fun! It was stressful because of transfers and such, but life goes on! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: After emailing, Elder Cannon, Larsen, Farrell and I went to the Space and Rocket center! My camera died so I was not able to take pictures.... We saw a replica of the life sized Saturn V and it was awesome! We also rode on a G force ride that made me sick. After that we went back to Scottsboro for dinner with a member! It was awesome! 

Tuesday: This was my last day in Scottsboro. Elder Cannon and I taught our investigator who was very sad to find out I was leaving. I'm pretty sure she has forgotten me by now. Then we went around saying goodbye to people and I had to finish packing. I had dinner with Sister Reyes and Andrea and it was a good dinner! After that we visited one more family and went home for the night.

Wednesday: We woke up and I said bye to Cannon when I left Monte Sano with Elder Larsen. I dropped Larsen off at his new area, and picked up another Elder and we droe down to Bham! At Bham I got to see my trainer Elder Park! It was awesome to see him and some other friends as well! Elder Rogers and I drove to Booneville after that and I unpacked and got to know my new companion, Elder Watts!

Thursday: Elder Watts and I went around Booneville so I could get acquainted with the area! We then had a team up with a member who is so awesome! His name is Brother wood and he is a convert and super strong in the faith! We went around the area visiting less actives and recent converts and it was good! We then played basketball with the youth! I was looking like Kwame Brown out there. For those who don't know Kwame, he is probably the worst NBA plaer ever. It was bad haha! 

Friday: We went around tracting and also going around so I could get used to the area.

Saturday: We helped the church hide eggs for the little kids to find for an Easter egg hunt! It was fun and I got to talk with ward members and such! Still trying to get to know people around here. It was funny because some members think my name is pronounced molestin and for all those people in St. George, the members also think I am jewish.... They think my last name is Jewish... I guess I will forever be Jewish in the eyes of these people.... haha!

Sunday: We sang in the choir and it was good! Church was amazing as usual, but this week was even better because of Easter! After church, we went to a members house and he had a whole farm on his property! He had chickens, guinea fowl, a peacock, and some pigs!!! As soon as I saw the pigs I just pictured my pig Loyd in there squealing at me to feed him. oh good times! We then went to another members house and had Easter dinner. It was good and I got to chat with members and get to know them better! 

That was the week! Today we are going fishing up in Corinth and I am looking forward to catching a big fish! I love y'all and miss everyone! Shoot me an email or send me a letter sometime!


Elder Muhlestein


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