Monday, March 21, 2016

Transfers yes, or no??

Dear Friends and Family,

Yes! I am being transferred! I mean I could put the new area down right now, but that would ruin my fun! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: After emailing Elder Cannon went to Birmingham for a District Leader training, so I stayed with Monte Sano! We played ultimate Frisbee and then went to a dinner appointment with a member! It was a lot of fun!

Tuesday: I was with Monte Sano for that day since Elder Cannon was in Birmingham for the District Leader meeting! I woke up feeling sick, so after showering and getting ready, I decided I couldn't take the upset stomach. Low and behold I spent 30 minutes in the morning driving the porcelain bus throwing up a little bit. After throwing up I felt much better! We then did some tracting and had little success. We got frozen yogurt from this dude who gives the missionaries free frozen yogurt! After that we did some more tracting and I met up with Elder Cannon and we stayed the night in Monte Sano because he got back kind of late and there was no point in driving home. 

Wednesday: Elder Cannon and I woke up and drove to Scottsboro, got ready, and then taught our investigator! Our investigator was telling us how she was having blood pressure issues and how the devil was attacking her. We had to explain that there was no devil or evil spirits attacking her and that it was for other reasons. She is a hoot sometimes! After teaching her, we did some tracting and then went on splits with some members to visit less actives and investigators!

Thursday: We did tracting and had some success. Nothing to big that happened that day.

Friday: We had District meeting and it was a lot of fun! After District meeting we got some lunch and then Elder Cannon and I did tracting and visited some investigators!

Saturday: This was a day of service for a camp the church ownes thats like 100 miles away on the outskirts of Guntersville. We painted cabins and helped pull little trees out of the ground and throw them into a huge pile! We drove there with a member so on the way home, we stopped off and got bamboo for this members garden.  We had 30, 10ft long poles of bamboo sticking out of this guys truck driving down the freeway! It was funny! Once we got home, we got ready and went to a members house for the last time for me :( Then, the call came.... I will be leaving Scottsboro, and I will be serving in the Booneville Mississippi area! Booneville is an amazing place and I am getting an amazing companion as well! I am so stoked for it!!!!

Sunday: I gave a talk in church and it went very well! It was on faith and how we should always have faith because without faith, we can't believe in anything at all. I took pictures with a family I will miss dearly! Their name is the Sauciers and they have taken care of me for 18 weeks and they are so amazing!

That was the week! I will send out my address on thursday to my new place of living. Hope y'all are staying safe and classy!


Elder Muhlestein

​The Sauciers

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