Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zone Training, Jersey and my own steak!

Dear family and friends,

This week was awesome!!! Elder Cannon and I did a lot and we got rewarded for it on Sunday! Here is the week!

Monday: We did some fishing and then emailed and then fished again. Hopefully today will be a better day for fishing because the water is warmer and the water level is higher! 

Tuesday: We did a lot of tracting and didn't have that much success :/ Life of a missionary sometimes!

Wednesday: I had a doctor appointment in Madison Alabama, so we drove most of the day there and then spent the night in Gurley for Zone training the next day!

Thursday: Zone training! It was a good training! I liked it. After it we got some food and then went back to Scottsbroro. 

Friday: We went to Unclaimed baggage and I found a yamamoto Real Madrid Jersey for $13!! So of course I got it because it looks so cool! We also saw the owner of the place there, but we didn't get a chance to talk to him. After that we did tracting and also taught our investigator! She is slowly progressing, but she will make the waters of baptism soon! 

Saturday: We helped clean the church and then did tracting! We spent an hour knocking on doors and had a streak of 11 houses without a single person in them! The next hour passed and then he hit 24-27 people, then the last hour  we only got like 10 people. When the weather is nice, most people are either fishing or somewhere else doing something else!

Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting and it was good! Our investigator was supposed to come, but she backed out at the last minute :( After church we were planning and our mission president called us! He told us he was in the area and wanted to visit us! So he inspected our apartment and it was good! We chatted with his wife and him and then took a picture and they were off! After that we went to a members house and they made us our own steaks! It is my last dinner there with them so they wanted to do something special! This family is so amazing I love them all so much! 

That was the week! Nothing really interesting happened, but hopefully this week something will happen! If you want to, send an email or write a letter I would love to reply back and see how y'all are doing!


Elder Muhlestein

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