Monday, April 11, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

This week was awesome! It went by way too fast in my opinion!

Monday: We emailed and then played ball with some people. then we played street ball and it was super fun, but kind of ghetto too haha!

Tuesday: We did a lot of recent convert and less active visiting with the bishop. After that we did some tracting.

Wednesday: We did more tracting and had to take care of other business we had. We drove up to Corinth to see how the Corinth Elders were doing and blitzed the area up there.

Thursday: Interviews were that day and mine went really well! President Hanks is awesome! After that we drove back home and then went to mutual for the night!

Friday: We visited less actives and did tracting. We also got our investigator for baptism as well!

Saturday: We did some work in our area, and then we drove to Tupelo for stake conference. Elder Zwick was there and I talked with him! He thought we met before, but I have never met the dude ever!

Sunday: We had stake conference and it was packed.... Like it was bad. I had to sit outside and listen because the whole gym and chapel were packed, and all the other rooms were too. I have never been at a stake conference that was so packed in my life! I got to see my boy Elder Butterfield too which was awesome considering I havent seen him in 6 months! After Stake conference we got the baptisimal font ready for our investigator and got everything ready. Our investigator was baptized and confirmed yesterday! He has been waiting 35 years, and he finally got dunked!

That was the week! I am feeling a little under the weather so I didnt write much this week, but I will try better next week! I love and miss all y'all! Shoot me an email or write a letter sometime!


Elder Muhlestein

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tornado watch and upcoming Baptism

Note:  Ethan sent the picture below to show our dog, Frank, has a town named after him.

Dear Family and Friends,

Dont have that much to write this week, but it was an eventful one for sure! Here is the weekly run down!

Monday: After emailing we went fishing and I was the only one to catch fish! Go me I guess haha! This members house we went to had 4 lakes and it was so relaxing to just fish for a little bit! 

tuesday: We went out with members and visited a lot of less active members all day long. I kid you not we did that all day just finding them and teaching them!

Wednseday: We did a lot of tracting and had some success, but not much.

Thursday: We had zone training and it was good! We had to leave right after for a teaching appointment later that day. As the day progressed, the sky got darker and darker and clouds started to roll in. We knew a storm was coming! We played basketball with some mebers and investigators that night and all of a sudden everyone's phone started to screech and a flash flood warning was issued. Turns out this storm was a big one, so we had to go home and sit in our apartment as the rain would not stop and the lightning reached across the sky further and further. No tornadoes though! 

Friday we did tracting and that was about it for that day!

Saturday: We watched all sessions of general conference and did tracting after that!

Sunday: We watched all the sessions and they were amazing! I liked how Elder Holland ended the conference, just a spiritual giant that man is! We went tracting and found a lady who we taught the plan of salvation to her! She really liked the message so we are going back this week!

Thats the week! Hope everyone is safe and having fun! Love and miss y'all!


Elder Muhlestein