Monday, December 28, 2015

Tornados and Policemen

Dear Family and Friends,

Man I feel like I didn't even leave Washington with this weather that has been going on! Well, here was my week! Monday was my birthday and it was on a P-Day which made it 100 times more awesome! We went fishing, but the lake was on its low for water so we caught nothing but weeds... that made me a little mad! After fishing we went to a members house and they made me my favorite dinner which is ribs! And we had a birthday cake and Mt. Dew, the drink of real men! Tuesday Elder Park and I did a lot of door contacting and went around sharing Luke 2 or the Christmas story! Lots of people either told us to come in and read with them or come back another day! It was awesome! We had a grandma tell us she was a baptist and didn't need to hear the Christmas story because she already knew it. I mean, it doesn't hurt to hear it again before Christmas geez! Wednesday was a weird day. We did some contacting, but then we got a call from our zone leaders and they told us we were on lockdown. I guess there was a big storm system going through our area and the threat or a tornado was not likely, but the mission president wanted all missionaries either in their apartments or at a members house. So Elder Park and I went to a members house and stayed there with all these little kids and played with them and helped out the family! Then our mission president called us. Now whenever the mission president calls, usually we both are like "oh dang what did we do?!" Basically our mission president told us we were the only area that had a tornado watch still so he wanted to know where we were and that we were safe! So we headed back to our apartment and got ready for bed. As we were lying in bed, our zone leaders called us and were like, "yea y'all have an 80% chance of a tornado tonight, so have fun and be safe! Remember to get bike helmets and a mattress over you in the bath tub if one does touch down!" After that I was like, dang! The thunder that night kept me up all night and it was awful! Luckily a tornado didn't touch down in our area, but Mississippi did get some bad ones that took the lives away from 14 people which was really sad. Thursday was a super wet day and we did some tracting, but it was useless because everywhere was either flooding or flooded. So we went to a members house for Christmas Eve and it was a lot of fun! they got us gift cards to Wendy's because Elder Park loves his Wendy's! Friday was Christmas and we spent it indoors all day because of flood/Flash flood warnings all over our area! I was grateful for the members house we stayed at because they got us presents and treated us like one of their own kids! Shout out to all the people who sent gifts and special shoutout to Marcus "Mark Bills" Van Gils for getting me a ghetto basketball head wear to keep the sweat out of my eyes! Saturday was dry, but everything was still flooded. We did contacting all day basically and everyone told us to go away. that night we had dinner with a member and we got to the members house about 30 minutes early, so we decided to do some door contacting! We got maybe 10 minutes into contacting when cops showed up everywhere and were flashing their lights on us. I was like, crud I can't get arrested out here! They asked us what we were doing and we said we were missionaries for our church. They said that we can't solicit out here, but we told them that we were proselyting, a huge difference! They were confused and said we needed proper licences to do this, so we showed them that as well! They had no idea what to do after that and didn't know if we could be doing it past dark which we can. They said sorry for bothering us, but they have to respond to calls. We told them that we were Mormons and one of the cops walked back to his car and yelled to the other cops still standing next to us, "You okay Tracy?" She yelled back, "Yea im fine! If anything they might save me!" It was funny! Sunday was Church and it was good! We then went to a referral's house and knocked on the door. I kid you not, this 6'9-6'10 guy comes to the door, looks at us, and says, "Y'all Mormons?" I was like yes we are, please don't kill me! As soon as we said yes, he smiled and opened his door and greeted us in! This guy has studied all Christian religions besides ours! So he wanted a Book of Mormon to read! He is open to learn, but told us he doesn't want to join any church. It was awesome to talk with him about what he has studied and his life too!
I love and miss y'all a lot! If y'all want to write me either a letter or an email, I would love to read whats going on in ya life and write ya back! Have a Happy New Year, and Roll Tide!


Elder Muhlestein

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