Monday, December 21, 2015

Sketchy in Scottsboro....

Dear family and friends,

This week I can say was the weirdest week of the mission so far! Monday was P-Day so my companion and I went fishing and I caught a nice bass! After fishing we went home and did laundry and such! Tuesday Elder Park woke up feeling really sick, so we spent half of the day watching Book of Mormon videos and Bible videos and trying to get him over his sickness! The next half of the day we went out and did some tracting, but had no luck at all :/ Wednesday we  woke up and Elder Park still wasn't feeling good, so we went to The Mart and bought Nyquil and other drugs so he would feel better. We stayed home for that day so he could break his fever and feel better again! We then got ready and went to the Church for our Book of Mormon class we started! Nobody showed up, so we sat there and talked with Branch members that were hanging around the place. The YW and YM and Relief Society went caroling and came back and we all had hot cocoa and hot cider! The cub scouts needed a spiritual thought so we gave them one and then they wanted to play basketball! It was fun dribbling the ball around them and making them fall with swift moves like kobe or D-Rose! Thursday. This was the super sketchy day. We both woke up and did our morning routines and such and then we had to go to the church to print off some papers for our District meeting which was Friday. As soon as we walked into the church, broken glass. Someone broke glass on the door that lead to the family history center. At first we though it was an accident that someone didn't clean up, but as we went to the YW's room, the window was open and drapes were torn off the ceiling and things were thrown from the cabinet! Someone broke into the church and went through all the rooms in the church vandalizing them! Luckily they only rummaged through the cabinets and didn't take anything from them. We called our branch president and the police and they all came down and had to call investigators to assess the situation even further! We went into the library and found out that whoever broke in also stole two TV's and a projector from the library! I was so sad and mad that someone did this, but things happen. Apparently these people needed those items more than the church did! Friday was district meeting and it was good! Elder Park and I went to CVS and picked up his prescription medicine for his sickness. Saturday we spent the day hitting up that T-City life! We got into two peoples homes and shared the Christmas story with them! It was awesome and I think they want us to come back! Sunday was church and it was a good session! After church, Elder Park and I thought that we should go visit a man that recently lost his wife. So we called up a member who knew the man and we all went and visited him. He was super grateful we came by and wanted us to come back and take our lessons as well! It was awesome and I can say that having a member with us was the key to getting back to him! Without the member, we wouldn't have gotten a return appointment! After that we visited a member who recently got a divorce. When we got there, her kids wanted to play with the Elders! So we got out the toys and played with them as their mother talked with other members at the house. The kids had lightsabers and wanted to duel us. So being all jedi like we had little duels with the youngest kid and we always let him win! All the members were laughing and applauding the little kid as he took down the evil sith lord (me and Elder Park) and put his foot on our chest and flex his muscles! It was so funny and cute! I love and miss y'all! I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas and remembers why this day is so important! On that day, God gave his greatest gift that we ever could have received, a Savior for all of us. Happy Holidays everyone!


Elder Muhlestein

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