Monday, December 7, 2015

Bullfrogs and Bashes

Dear family and friends,

This week was filled with so much fun and spiritual memories! Monday was a usual P-Day and emailing people. It was raining so hard I felt like I was back home in Redmond! My companion and I went fishing for about 2 hours and had no luck whatsoever. Go figure... Then we played basketball and ate dinner and that was pretty much it for that night! Tuesday we started off at the dentist because Elder Park had to get some teeth stuff done. At the dentist, I learned I was going on an exchange with our zone leaders. I went to Huntsville which is North West of my area. I was with Elder Littleford for the day/night. We went to T-City and taught 5 lessons in less than two hours which is super good! The only problem was the lessons we were teaching, I wouldn't get too go back and teach them the next day because I would be in Scottsboro... Crap! But it was all good in the end! Wednesday we switched back and Elder Park and I got to go teach another guy who's name is Ben! He told us straight up he won't convert or anything, but he would love it if we played ping pong with him whenever he was free! I was thinking, "you say you won't convert now, but we will see when you find out what the gospel really has in store for you!" We played ping pong with him and he was freaking good! I only beat him once and it was pure luck! Thursday was the temple day! Ahhhh it was so nice to go there! It was a peaceful happy day, and then we went into the hood. That's right, I went to the real hood of Alabama! the area was Ensley Alabama and if you really want to know how cool/terrifying Ensley really is, google it. My companion and another Elder we were with both served there and wanted too have dinner there and say hi to a member there! It was super ghetto, but I want to serve in the ghetto so bad! Scotssboro is awesome and all, but I want crazy stories and such that only come from serving in the ghetto! The members house he went into had bullet holes in the windows and side of the house. Ensley is the 3rd most dangerous zipcode in America, or so we have been told. We said hi and had a spiritual thought with the member and then went back to safe Scottsboro. Friday we had district meeting and it went well! Then we said bye to some elders that we knew were going too get transferred to different areas. I so hope Elder Park and I don't get transferred! Friday was just another day of T-City after district meeting and such. Saturday we did service for a member and also met up with a kid named Hunter! He is 15 and his dad is super anti-mormon, but Hunter really wants too be baptized and be a member. He has had a hard time with family in his past, so he wanted to know what a father and mother's roles were in a family. We read with him the family proclamation to the world and through teaching him about it, I also learned a lot and how to become a great father. After we visited with Hunter, we went to dinner with a member at a restaurant. As soon as i looked at the menu, i noticed they had frog legs. I said "wow i have never had frog legs before!" And the member then bought about 7 fried frog legs. So yea, I had frog legs and these ones were honestly bad. I didn't like them at all and the meat was rubbery! Sunday was fast Sunday so that was fun and all! After Church Elder Park and I went with a member to visit an man who just lost his wife. This man was distraught when we came over and we made sure he knew that he would see her again and told him to come to church with us to learn more and also because someone falsely accused him of a crime that he didn't commit so his church wont let him come back. After that, we went to another family and this is where the bash began. This family wasn't part of any denomination at all and they were saying the weirdest things ever. We tried too teach them about having the proper authority of God and such, but they kept getting louder and yelling at us basically and telling us we were wrong. After that part about yelling at us, I stopped everyone and said "Lets say a prayer." After that, the whole conversation changed! The atmosphere was more in understanding way. It was honestly amazing! Hope everyone is doing well and if you want too shoot me an email, i'll be on the computer for a little bit today! Also I write letters too people! If you want to write a letter, I will write back and love to do it! Stay safe everyone and ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!1


Elder Muhlestein

​Temple trip with my companion

​My P-Day set up for catfishing

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