Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving X5!

Dear family and friends,

Time has gone bye so fast! I feel like I was emailing y'all yesterday! This week was supposed to be eventful, but appointments fell through and such. It happens and people are busy which is okay! Monday my companion and I went fishing and I was the only one too catch fish! Looks like all that hard work of fishing over the years pays off! Just kidding it was all pure luck! Tuesday my companion and I went tracting and we found a man who was talking with us about religion and what he believes and such and it was a good experience! We have a return appointment with him today actually! Hopefully he remembers that we are coming over! Wednesday we helped a member with some service and did some more tracting. No lucky tracting, so we decided to give another investigator a call too see if we could come over for our return appointment! He said he couldn't this week because of Thanksgiving and all. I was like "Ben no!!! We have too play ping pong!" He wants too play ping pong with us and teach him again! So we rescheduled with him for this Wednesday! After that my companion and I went too the church too help with Young men and Young womens! Wednesday's and Sunday's are my favorite days in the mission because I love being around the youth and the leaders and the branch! Makes me feel like i'm at home and the branch members love us a lot! The young men didn't have young mens that night because of Thanksgiving and all, but the young women had too do some painting ornaments for a Christmas tree they do in their stake center! For all of those who really know me, you know that art and painting really isn't my best attribute... I tried painting ornaments and such, but I got kicked off that committee because I wasn't doing them right. So I laughed and they all laughed and I helped cutting out cardboard and such! After I was done I got bored cause I couldn't do any of the artsy stuff, so I found a basketball and started too dribble and spin the ball on my finger and such just for fun. After that I helped clean up and started too get ready for the next day, which was Thanksgiving! Man that day was full of food and pain for me... I started the day off with breakfast at a members house and they fed us steak and eggs! I was so full after that, and then I went too another members house for a Thanksgiving dinner/lunch ordeal. I was already full, but had too eat again. It was painful, but the food was so good! After we got done with that, we had yet another appointment! I thought I was going too burst from food overdose! Luckily for us, we played some kickball with the members before the food so I got too rest from eating and get some exercise in! Shout out too the Wittwers for getting me into soccer a little more because I destroyed that game and kicked so many home runs! After kick ball we ate, yet again. I was so done at that point and when we went home, all the Elders in our district came over for district meeting the next day. Yet again another night without sleep thanks too Elder Ferrell! That next day we played football which as always was amazing! Caught 6 touchdowns and led my team too victory with a pick and then a touchdown to win the game! It was awesome! Had an exchange that day so I went south to an area called Monte Sano which borderlines Scottsboro. I was with Elder Larson for the night. He is a cool kid! We had 2 Thanksgiving dinners that day as well.... I was not ready for them! After the dinners we went tracting and such and had no luck there. Saturday came rolling around and the Monte Sano elders and my companion and I went too a members house for some lunch and it was good! For the rest of that day we tried too tract, but since it was the Iron Bowl and all, nobody, and I mean nobody was going too answer the door! Football is a way of life down here! Everyone who saw us thought we were crazy because we weren't watching the game! Found out 'Bama won the game... but I will still be War Eagle all the way! Sunday was good as usual! It has been a good week, and this week I get too go to the temple which is awesome! Love and miss all of you guys! Happy late Thanksgiving! Remember what you're thankful for even though the holiday has passed! Next is CHRISTMAS!!!!! The best holiday of the year!


Elder Muhlestein

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