Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Cardboard Legacy Begins!

Dear Friends and family,

Too start off, I have this blog spot that you can go too for address and other stuff that will be important as the years continue:    Eldermuhlestein.blogspot.com
So this week at the MTC started off very crazy!The days were long, and the nights were even longer. The first night was terrible, but now I sleep like a baby in my bed! My district has become closer and closer everyday and I love it! We are currently volleyball champions of our gym time. We destroy in sports! Elder Gilbert plays semi-pro hockey and Elder Butterfield is 10th in state for the 100M. And theres me so you could say we are stacked. But the food is getting very old now, it always hurts my stomach! I have no idea why it does that, but for some reason it does! The classes are amazing! Sister Luft teaches in the morning and Brother Nielsen teaches in the afternoon. Sister Luft does the most amazing job at these practices called demos. She has one of us be an investigator and she is the missionary. She always gets the spirit going so strong in the room, that everyone is silent and feels the spirit! Brother Nielsen also is an amazing teacher and always has us walk around the building to simulate finding an investigator throughout the floor. Like we look for other companions who are pretending to be investigators. He is an amazing guy who served in New Mexico and has been back for two years. So you're probably wondering about the title. The missionaries who just left today found cardboard in their room that had a bunch of signatures of old missionaries that went back to 2013! It was packed with signatures and pictures and stuff. So my district and I started our on cardboard signing in our room! We did our name, district number and letter (District 60B) position in district (Zone leader) and then a quote. I would tell you my quote, but you wouldn't get the back story too it so you would think its awful haha! I get too show the new missionaries around tomorrow because im a zone leader! My companion, Elder Butterfield and I are pretty chill so im not worried that the new people wont like us! Other than that, I havent done that much besides classes and chilling with the District! I wont be able too email for 2 weeks because Tuesday I leave for Alabama at 3:30 AM!!! Its crazy I know! But at least ill be in Southern Country! Love you all and hope too hear from you!


Elder Muhlestein
This is almost my whole district! Far right is Elder Butterfield. Then Elder Frizzel, the Elder Girlbert, then me. Sweater man is Elder Ravenberg and the white shirt guy sitting down is Elder Hoffman!

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