Monday, November 9, 2015

Last Day in the MTC

Hey everyone!

So im sorry I lied to everyone and said I wouldn't be able to email until next week. Didn't know I could email during laundry time... go figure! This last week has been amazing in the MTC! I had an investigator I had to teach and her name was Sydney Young! She is a single mother of 5 and is searching for a church without holes in it. My companion Elder Butterfield and I taught her all the lessons: Restoration, Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, Chastity (That was an awkward lesson...) Word of Wisdom and Tithing and fast offerings! She loved all the lessons and received them very well! The only problem in teaching her was she taught us most of the time! She was super into history and the first lesson we had with her I learned more about Scottish History and Bible History then I came in with! She is super sweet though and we asked her to be baptized. She said she would love too, but has to do her research before she gets into anything. It still is really good because at least she is reading her Book of Mormon and finding out for herself if this church is for her. Today I had to say goodbye too my teachers, Sister Luft and Brother Nielsen. Both of these teachers prepared me well for the field and were super amazing! Its sad to say goodbye, but it isn't forever! My zone is already planning our reunion when we all come back! It's funny, but it might actually happen! I don't know if I told everyone before, but Elder Gilbert is a DJ and has opened for big artists like Diplo, and he want's to DJ our reunion and is serious about it. I mean im all game for that and all, but I have no idea where and how this is ever going too happen! The District +Smith is doing well. I say +Smith because there is an Elder named Elder Smith who hangs with my District. So like a lost cute puppy, we adopted him into the brotherhood. He is super chill and heckaaa funny! All the Elders are great and i'm going too really miss them all! 
I'd love too hear from anyone! How is everything going?? Who is still undefeated in the NFL and College ball?? Is Darth Vader really Luke's father??? 

Inline image 1This is my District and our teacher Sister Luft!


Elder Muhlestein

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