Monday, November 16, 2015

Happy Missionary=Happy Mom!

Dear family and friends,

Can you believe it has already been a week??? It feels like its only been a couple days too me! I guess it is true what they say, time flies when you're having fun! Well I have been living in my new area which is called Scottsboro, Alabama! It is in North Eastern Alabama and the people here are either really nice or really rude! My new companion's name is Elder Park! He is from Rexburg Idaho and has been out for about 15 months coming up on 16! I'm almost at my month mark for being a missionary! It's super crazy! This week we started off with lunch with a member who needed help with her lesson in Relief Society about missionary work! Her name is Sister Johnson, but everyone calls her Grandma cause is basically like everyone's Grandma! She took us too a place called Pikeville market where they serve the best burgers ever! Now I know in Seattle everyone says Dick's burgers are the best, but these burgers were like burgers that were 20X better than Dick's! Southern cooking is the best! But we drove around Wednesday so that I could get a grip of the area. It is a really really pretty place out here! Then I went tracting for the first time! That is probably my favorite part of being a missionary. Talking too new people everyday, or getting yelled at by people too! Some guy in a really old, but nice and loud Corvette rolled up too my companion and I and looked at us and said "Do y'all have permits too be doing this?!" And we said yes and showed him them. As soon as we showed him our permits, he took off and was gone! Talk about being rude! I thought it was super funny though and couldn't stop laughing! He was going too Citizen's arrest us if we didn't have our permits and he was just looking for a fight really. If you're looking for a fight, don't come after the missionaries cause all we are going too do is preach the gospel and give ya a Book of Mormon! We had District meeting on Thursday and all the Elder's in the District which is 4 slept in our tiny Apartment in our room. We didn't sleep at all because Elder Farrell wouldn't shut up and would make us laugh all night! Other than that, Saturday was the big day for me at least. Elder PArk and I were tracting in a neighborhood and came across a man named Ben. We talked for about 5 minutes and then asked if we could teach him a lesson. He said yes and we taught him the restoration and he was super interested! He wants us too come back next week because he is in Georgia right now, but it is super exciting too be able too teach him about the Gospel! I have been reading in the New Testament for the past week starting with Matthew and it's just amazing too read about Jesus's parable about the ninety and nine sheep and the one lost one. That one sheep who was lost was more important too bring safely home than the ninety and nine. The reason? If we have already been converted ourselves too Christ and followed what he has asked of us, the Lord is happy. But if we bring that one sheep into the ninety and nine who was lost, the joy is even greater because we have brought another into his fold. I have never really liked reading at all and most of you know this, but I can't get enough of the scriptures. It is like I see them on a whole new level. I learn something new from then everyday and try too use the teachings in them too better myself and others. I love all of you and cant wait too hear about you're guy's life and whats been going on with it! I get too go fishing today which is amazing for me cause I love to do that! Hoping too catch a giant catfish!
Address: 3707 South Broad Street Apartment 604 Scottsboro, Alabama 35769
ALSO: If anyone one for some reason were going too send Christmas gifts (not saying you all should this is just for the people thinking about it) send them right now because I have transfers two days before Christmas and the Mission President has asked too get all the presents before transfers in case I do get transferred to another place!


Elder Muhlestein

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