Monday, November 23, 2015

First Fish!

Dear family and friends,

Well, I didn't have any luck catching a monster catfish... but I did catch 2 bass and a crappie instead! This week has been so so because I have been sick for most of it and it has been terrible for sleeping or even functioning too! It has been coughing and sneezing and sore throat all week long! The branch members though have been so nice and given me medicine and home remedies too help get over my cold! Even though the church isn't strong up here, the branch members are like a huge family who love and take care of everyone who needs help whenever! So on Monday of last week I started my week with study and then emailing! Then I got my fishing gear all purchased and my licence too! Im going too be really mad if I get transferred too Mississippi because I got a year long licence for Alabama and not Mississippi! That would suck if I did, but I'll manage! After getting all the gear and everything, my companion and I went too the lake and started too cast out! In total we caught about 6-8 fish! They were all bass and crappie and pretty good sizes! We took them over too a branch members house so she could cook them up for us! Turns out, these fish have a lot of bones in them and they weren't cooked all the way through! That made it fun too eat! On Tuesday, my companion was pretty sick so we laid low for that day. Wednesday we had YM and YG. I feel like I love Wednesday's and Sunday's the most because I get too be with the Branch and the Branch members are so amazing! We had too set up for a Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday and help the activity day girls with a skit they were doing! It was super funny because there are two girls in activity days that are obsessed with Elder Park and I and they had us watch them do their skit I think like 6 times because they would always stare at us the whole time! Elder Park and I laughed because we both thought it was super funny how they are in love with us and have us do everything for them! I give Elder Park a hard time about it because this one little girl just always has too come up and talk with him or make fun of him and I laugh all the time at it! Thursday was super cool because we drove and hour up North too see Elder Dube from the first quorum of the 70 because he came too speak too us missionaries! I got too shake his hand and talk for a tiny bit with him! It was funny because as we was shaking my hand, he tried too read my nametag and was like "Elder....Muh.....elder.....Muhle....ummm....Elder Muhelle....ummm" So i helped him out and said Muhlestein and he said "Ahh! I couldnt pronounce it! I'm sorry for that but you're a wonderful young man!" I thought it was cool cause everyone shook his hand for like 2 seconds and he grasped my hand for about 30 trying too read my last name! So yea... I held a  first quorum of the 70's hand longer than anyone there besides his wife did! More blessings for me I guess haha just kidding! Friday we hit up T-City and talked with this older gentleman who had leukemia and wanted too chat because he never had company. As we were talking, I tried too give him a book of Mormon, but he said no because his head was hurting him. So I took the book back from him and set it on his coffee table and we all said a prayer together. After the prayer, Elder Park and I left and I left eh Book of Mormon on his coffee table. If he wasn't going too take it from me personally, I was going too have to "accidentally" leave it on his coffee table! Saturday was Elder Park's birthday! We had a breakfast with a branch member, then lunch, then dinner! the branch members sure love him up here! Our lunch appointment, the branch members fed us steak! But these steaks were huge! And it was the best steak I have ever eaten! Perfectly cooked and seasoned too! I have too start working out every night now because we get fed so much and I cant keep the pounds off! Sunday was the usual besides the potluck after church! I don't think I have ever been somewhere where they feed us after church! It was a whole Thanksgiving feast and it was soooo good!!! Love and miss all of you! hope too hear from everyone soon and happy Thanksgiving week! 


Elder Muhlestein

Inline image 1my first fish ever caught in Alabama!

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