Friday, October 30, 2015

The Elder has landed!!

I was so surprised to get an email from Elder Muhlestein today!  Happy day for mom.  If you would like a personal email, please email him directly.  He left me a TWO PAGE list of friend emails and I don't think I have the energy to type all those out.  I love him but seriously!  Here is his first email:

Dear friends and family,

Well I survived my first day at the MTC!! Its actually really great here and I love it a lot! I dont have that many people on the email yet because I forgot to add people before I left haha! Mom thats a que for you too go onto my email and add those people to my contacts please!!! The MTC is great! My companion is Elder Butterfield. Sick last name i know! Anyways, we are pretty tight and so is the rest of our district. Elder Butterfield and I are the zone leaders as well. Too describe Elder Butterfield with me is like having a good friend and me cause we goof off and make everyone laugh. I leave for Alabama in 10 days now and I honestly want to go out so fast! Ive already started planning lessons for an investigator that I have to teach on Monday! The lessons are easy and teaching is easy too. Having Elder Butterfield with me is a blessing cause we both have a lot of important things to say to the investigator and they always come along so smoothly and the investigator always is happy when we are done teaching him. I also got a couple care-packages today which i'm soooo grateful for! Thanks mom! Dinner is at 4pm and im always starving once im in my dorm for the night. Now I have some sort of food too eat and I dont have to waste my money on the vending machines too fill me up! But its great here and I cant wait to get out and serve! The way we teach is by the spirit, we are only mouth pieces too God to get his word out and I love it. Hope everyone is doing well and is happy! My P-Day is on Tuesday so ill be able to write again. If you would like my address for the MTC, ill have my mom email the group message and also my Alabama Address as well. Love you all!

Elder Muhlestein

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  1. Fantastic to hear that he is already doing so well!!