Monday, December 14, 2015

Safe in Scottsboro!

Dear family and friends,

Wow im sorry for this email in advance but it is going too be sad and short because honestly nothing really happened this week! Monday Elder Park and I went fishing and caught about 6-8 fish in total! It was a good day of that! Tuesday was a boring day because we went too T-City and had no luck whatsoever! We knocked on 20 doors and only 1 person answered in a neighborhood! It was sad and we kept going and nobody answered! Even though no one answered, we kept going! Wednesday Elder Park and I started up a Book of Mormon class! It went really well and 4 people showed up! 4 dosent sound like a lot, but it is here in Alabama! After we did the class, we just helped out branch members with whatever they needed help with that were in the Church! Thursday Elder Park and I spent the morning studying and then we packed up our bedding and mattresses and left for Monte Sano! Yes I said mattresses! Some how we managed to fit both of them into our Toyota Carola! It was funny driving around with all of that in our car! Once we reached Monte Sano, we did a little exchange and I went with Elder Larson too visit some referrals! None of the referrals wanted too talk with us so we went to T-City and talked with a Church of Christ minister! The dude was super nice and was happy we were going around talking about Jesus too people. He said that both Mormons and Church of Christ's beliefs were the same, besides modern day revelation and miracles. He told us that if we could bless him and take away his ailments and make him whole that he would give us his house and all of his property. It was kind of funny cause first off we wouldn't do that because he basically wants too test God. I don't know if he has read lately, but the last time people wanted too test God like he wanted too they were either struck dumb or dead... So yea haha! After that we went to The Mart (Southern for Walmart y'all!) and did some store contacting there! No luck there! After that we drove to the Sparkman Elder's apartment because we were going too spend the night there! We had about 10 Elders in an apartment all at once! It was packed, but boy did we have fun! I got my hair cut which was good and so did some other Elders! Right as I was about too go to bed, my trainer and another Elder looked at me and holding a lighter said "Young one, we must mark you with a burn!" I didn't know they were kidding, but as soon as the Elder who wasnt my trainer walked towards me I went into fight mode! Shout out to Kristian for wrestling me cause as soon as he came near me, I put him in a head lock and went down and held him there! My trainer was laughing and decided to try too pull me off the other Elder and didn't have the best of luck! The other Elder still had the lighter in his hand so I grabbed it and accidentally snapped the metal part of it and we all stopped, looked at the lighter, and all laughed super hard! It was so funny and we all needed a laugh that night! Friday was the Christmas Party! I got too see Elder Ravenberg and Elder Whetten, my MTC district Elders again! It was awesome to see where they were at with their mission and catch up with them! We had a huge feast and a telent show and a movie for the whole party! It was good too relax for that day! After the party Elder Park and I went to a Christmas festival in Huntsville to help answer questions about our church! It was a good festival, but there were bashers that showed up and tried too "save our souls from going too Hell!" They knew what they were doing and had rehearsed it before and we just were like we will answer you're questions, but we are both christian and Christ wouldn;t want us or you to come into another person's church and tell them they are wrong! They all left after the festival was over. Saturday we did service for a branch member and again went to the festival in Huntsville because these branch members wanted us to go with them! So we went again and it was just as good! No bashers this time! As we were driving hoe, we got a call from one of the AP's. They called too let Elder Park and I know that we both would be staying in Scottsboro for another 7 weeks! It was awesome to hear that because this means I get too stay for 14 weeks! I was relieved to hear that I get to spend my birthday and Christmas in Scottsboro with branch members who love their Elders! Sunday was just church and eating with branch members! Love all of you guys and hope everyone is doing well! Ive got time too email so if you want too shoot a quick email, ill be here too reply! Stay safe and CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK WHAT THE OH YEA!!!!!!!


Elder Muhlestein

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