Monday, February 22, 2016

Weird Doctrine, funny stories!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a weird one I ain't gonna lie! We have had this investigator who has asked us some weird questions about what we believe and what other believe and just goes from one topic to another like that! 

Monday: We got done emailing and it was pouring rain, so we really didn't do much that day because when it rains in Scottsboro, you are literally stuck inside because there is nothing to do. A member texted us and said she had tacos and got way to many so she wanted to give us some! So she came to the church with her boyfriend and gave us tacos. Now when someone gives me free food and i trust the person, I wont ask questions and eat, so thats what I did. Later the member told me, after finishing all the tacos she gave my companion and I that the meat inside the taco was cow tongue.... It wasn't bad, but at the same time it was nasty too. So next time she brings us food, Im making sure that there isn't any cow tongue in it! 

Tuesday: We had a lesson planned for our investigator, but she cancelled on us which was a bummer. We did a lot of tracting that day and some success in getting into people's homes to teach them! 

Wednesday: Wednesday we did tracting mainly and met a lady we later taught during the week! Nothing exciting that day!

Thursday: We visited the lady we met the other day and taught her the plan of salvation! She was very interested in the lesson because she lost her husband last year. We did more tracting and just went around talking to people! We had Monte Sano and Byrd Springs ZL's stay over for the night because we had district meeting the next day!

Friday: We had district meeting and had a bunch of people there! Usually its Fort Payne, Monte Sano, and Scottsboro. This week is was all of the ones I already stated and Byrd Springs ZL's and Byrd Springs STL's. So we had a good district meeting and celebrated Elder Farrel's birthday! We had cheese cake and oreos and such! It was a fun little birthday party! After district meeting we did some tracting and then went to dinner at a members house!

Saturday:This was the weird doctrine day. So Elder Cannon and I made a return appointment with this one dude and went back to see him. Little did we know that this guy used to be a preacher. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked why he needs another book to understand the bible and stuff. We told him how the Book of Mormon is a companion to the Bible, and then he pulled out another book that wasn't from the bible and said he reads this book to understand the bible. I was like dude you just said you didn't need a book to understand the bible, yet you bring out this book that isn't even from the bible or the word of the Lord and try to throw this on us! So we put that aside and then started talking about baptism. This is were this man tried to tell us the John 3:5 was about being born. Like literally being born from your mother. He told us
Nichadeamus asked Jesus what it meant to be born again. A man cannot enter his mother's womb twice. So Jesus said a man must be born or water and the spirit to enter the kingdom of god. You would have to look up the real scriptures I don't have my bible with me so don't take this for the literal scriptures. So I was thinking if this dude took this verse as literal as Matthew 26:26, then he must believe Jesus's body was made of bread! You would have to look up the scriptures to read about it. I believe it is Matthew 26:26 I am not sure though. So that was fun! And then he tried to tell us that the Book of Mormon was a new version of the new testament. We made him read the first chapter and he understood that it wasn't a new version. He was a really nice guy, but had some weird thoughts about the bible and such!

Sunday: We had church and it was good! We visited with some less actives and had dinner a member brought to us! We drove to Monte Sano to spend the night for P-Day today!

Well that was the weekly run down! Other fun news is tornado season starts next week and runs until may! Hope we don't get one anytime soon! I love and miss all y'all!. Have a safe awesome week!


Elder Muhlestein

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