Sunday, February 14, 2016

Better Late than Never!!

Sorry All!  I was on vacation all last week so Ethan's post is one week late!!

What is up family and friends?!?!

First off, I have one little request from all yall! Please please PLEASE if you have any pictures of you and me at all, send them via email to me! I need a lot of pictures for my desk to make planners and such and just for memories to show other missionaries! If yall could do that, that would be awesome! Here was the week!
Monday: This was the last P-Day with Elder Park! We stayed in Monte Sano that night, so we played Gator ball and emailed and then drove back home.

Tuesday: We did some tracting that day, but most of the day was spent saying goodbye to people for Elder Park. It was a little sad seeing my trainer go, but I guess new people await to be comps with!

Wednesday: We woke up at 6am because we had to drive to Decatur to meet other missionaries and pick up my new companion! So we took our drive and met at the church. My companion was coming from Booneville, Mississippi! His name is Elder Cannon and he is from Holiday Utah! Fun facts about him: He is 6'4 which reminds me of a very certain someone back in Washington/Idaho! You know who you are! We drove to Huntsville, and then I showed Elder Cannon around the town of Scottsboro! The town has nothing in it really! The only cool places are Unclaimed Baggage and Payne's. Then we went to young men's and young women's so Elder Cannon could meet some of the ward!

Thursday: We had district meeting and met the new sisters that came into the Fort Payne area! They are pretty cool! Monte Sano stayed the same elders they were before! After District meeting we went tracting and had no luck.

Friday: We spent most of the day tracting and had a little luck and taught some lessons. We also contacted a referral and this lady told us she wanted to be baptized! It was awesome! So we have to work with her more to help her reach her goal of baptism! We spent the rest of the day tracting and had no luck after that!

Saturday: This was a funny day! so we tracted, and tracted, and tracted and had no luck. We knocked on some guys door and he let us in! He then started to tell me how he has seen the backside of Jesus and how Jesus has gold in his hair and such. It was a little weird to hear this from him, but then what he said next was even weirder! He started to tell me that he has seen a spaceship over Scottsboro and how it watches everyone! He said he could take us to the spaceship so we could see it, but that he would be abducted or something like that because the aliens don't want anyone to know where they are. This dude was a little crazy in my book, but he was really nice as well. So that was the funniest part of my week and the weirdest as well!

Sunday: We had fast and testimony meeting and it was really good! After church we decided to go contact another referral we had and drove out with a member! The girl we were looking for wasn't there, but the dude she lived with was. So I asked for his name and he said it. This guy was another referral we had been looking for about a month!!! It was crazy and awesome! Long story short, we are going back there tonight to teach them! 

Well that was my week! How is everyone doing? Remember to send pictures cause I need them! I love and miss all y'all and hope everyone is doing awesome! Have an amazing week!


Elder Muhlestein

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