Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Santa's got some GUNS!

So I am sending this email again because apparently the email server crashed and the email I sent before could have not reached some people. We got permission from the AP's to re-send our weekly email and other emails home. Sorry for those who got this email twice!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was awesome! Elder Cannon and I worked hard and accomplished a lot! We had an amazing week with some pretty weird and funny stories as well!

Monday: P-Day! after emailing we tried fishing, but it was super cold and gave up cause it was also getting dark. We then were going to contact a referral we got, but the guy who gave us his number gave us a fake number, so we couldn't meet him. I hate it when people do that!

Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty cold! There was a huge cold front that swept the south and had temperatures drop into the teens at night and low 30's-high 20's for the day! So we did tracting and froze! So we basically spent the whole day tracting and then it got dark. We started to walk back from our apartment when low and behold the police showed up again! They said they were looking for a man in a brown toboggan. I knew someone called the cops on us again for preaching the word! So we said no we haven't seen any dude walking around. the cop offered us a ride back to our apartment which was awesome! So yea, I rode in the back of a cops car while on my mission #thugmormon. 

Wednesday: Wednesday we did a lot of tracting again and it was still cold! We had some success in teaching people, but it wasn't the best day! We finished with mutual and watched an amazing face to face with Elder Razband or Rasband I don't know how to spell his name! It was awesome!

Thursday: We had zone training and this time I wasn't high! Back story on that: Last time there was zone training I had surgery on my foot and they gave me strong pain meds so I was gone in my own little world while zone training was going on! But this time I wasn't! It was an awesome training and I learned a lot from it! Right after it, the elders went to Buffalo Wilds Wings. Some elders got the hottest wings available and once they ate them, they all started to sweat and cry! It was so funny! then we had an exchange with the Monte Sano elders! Elder Larsen and I went tracting and knocked on a door and this dude who looked like santa answered! I kid you not he was the spitting image of santa! Only problem was he was holding a giant .45cal pistol and wondering who the heck we were! Once we said the missionaries, he put his gun away, smiled, and let us in to teach him! He turned out to be an awesome guy and had like over 15 guns just laying around everywhere!

Friday: Friday we did tracting and met a baptist dude that wanted to debate with us about why the trinity was the godhead. He used google as a reliable source and the website he used contradicted itself like 5 times, We tried to teach him, but he was looking for a bash. So we left!

Saturday: Saturday was good! We did a lot of tracting again and talked to a lot of people! We also got locked out of our apartment which was embarrassing and fun! That was the high light really of that day!

Sumday: We had church and it was good! We did tracting and didn't have success until the very end where we met this family that was amazing! They let us in their home and we taught them and they said they might come to church with us! so that was exciting!

Well there was the week! I hope everyone is doing well and being safe! I love and miss all of y'all! If you ever get a chance, shoot an email or write a letter! I will be more than happy to reply back! Stay safe and warm!


Elder Muhlestein

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